Lowell "Summertime" on Exclaim! TV

Lowell 'Summertime' on Exclaim! TV
Toronto synth-pop vocalist Lowell has been described as a young musician wise beyond her years, with ambitions and songwriting skills at another level when considering her age. The Arts & Crafts artist's well-received debut record showcases her strong knack for writing memorable melodies, effectively setting herself up for more recognition in the coming years.

The pop singer paid us a visit at the Exclaim! Office to perform the delicate "Summertime," taken from her recently released full-length We Loved Her Dearly.

Joined by guitarist Matthew Fong, Lowell's gentle vocals glide over top of his slight finger picking and her own synthesizer accompaniment. Reaching to hit an incredibly high register, her vocals cut through the duo's soundscape in an effortless fashion. The track reaches its peak in the bridge section, marked by powerful chord changes, stronger strumming from Fong (who also taps quarter notes on a tambourine with his foot), and more upper register work from the young vocalist all before quieting down for a soft finish.

Watch the performance in the player below.

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Filmed by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres