Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love Feels, Feathers, Bog And Bees

Unlike the direct Appalachian feed that nourishes American groups like Fleet Foxes and Le Loup, this UK ensemble derive their folk sound in hand-me-downs replete with successive generational fingerprints. This third release, produced by ex-Fridge member Adem Ilhan, mixes the warmth of multi-vocal harmonies and acoustic strums with electrically- (and even digitally-) enhanced instruments. The unpredictable songs that emerge veer from driveway to freeway speeds between bridge and chorus. Little music box melodies ease into finger picked pastorals and into stomp box rave-ups, like The White Album turned into a medley of hits. Adem's gentle encouragement is easily heard in the crisp details of massed instruments that overlap without bruising. Fans of Iron and Wine or Death Vessel will find lo-fi manna in tracks like "Friend to Mine" and "Blackbird 2," while "Blackbird 1" and "Where You Goin'?" will attract Socially Broken Scenesters. There isn't something for everyone, but more than enough for most. (Other Electricities)