Low Flying Owls Elixir Vitae

Sacramento’s Low Flying Owls are the latest addition in the long line of great psychedelic bands to come out of California, although their sound bears a closer resemblance to the darker, British brand of acid rock than to the sunny, hippie-dippy West Coast sound. The band keeps things alive and fresh by exploring various tones and textures but still manage to maintain a cohesive feel throughout the record. And unlike so many space rock bands out there, the Owls understand that if you’re going to drone on one chord, you have to have interesting arrangements and melodies. While the band draws from various inspirations, they have a sound that is distinctly their own, built upon pulsating, driving rhythms, interweaving, drone-y guitars and vocalist Jared Southard’s enigmatic style that makes him sound like something of a cross between Mick Jagger and Jason Pierce. A must-have for psych-rock fans everywhere. (Stinky)