Low "Plastic Cup" (video)

Low 'Plastic Cup' (video)
Despite being partly about a piss-filled "Plastic Cup," the video for slowcore wonders Low's song makes for a glamorous, if sardonic, couple of minutes.

The black and white video features the band dolled-up like old-time movie stars, standing beneath a cloud of diamond-shimmer confetti. While guitarist/vocalist Alan Sparhawk sings lines about relying on the kindness of friends and parents, his nervous tick-head bobbles and sarcastic grin suggest you might not want to take too much stock in his words. Either that, or he's just a little distracted due to the nearby presence of some powerful cloaked ghouls.

You can see what we mean down below courtesy of NPR.

"Plastic Cup" comes from the band's stellar, Jeff Tweedy-produced The Invisible Way.