Loveless Star Rover

Something must be in the drinking waters of Scandinavia these days that's making all the black metal folks have the compulsion to "go goth," or at least explore the more goth-y side of rock. There's no denying the two have always been inextricably linked, but the lines are blurring more and more every day. This release by Danish trio the Loveless (ex-Saturnus) is one part the Mission, one part the Church and one part Clan of Xymox with a plentiful helping of catchiness on the side. Kim Larsen's guitars are enough to make Andrew Eldritch admit he really is a goth, while the synth balances out the heaviness, giving this disc a goth/rock/metal feel, in that order specifically. This is a must-hear for anyone who thinks goth is dead. No folks, it's alive and well and lives in Denmark. Production credits go to Flemming Rasmussen of Metallica fame. Listen closely to the vocal harmonies in "Deceiver" or "Love Entombed" and see if you can spot the subtle resemblance. (Euphonius)