Love of Everything Hand Job Community

Enamouring, gentile, sweet, addictive and humbling are all adjectives that may be rightly and excessively piled on Love of Everything's Hand Job Community. His first go at it, Total Eclipse of the Heart, similarly tugs at the old heart strings, and this record is no different, only more polished in the appropriate places. Bobby Burg still can't really sing properly and that definitely does not matter. It's those cushy adjectives that do, and he's kept the adolescent sloppiness and earnest croon that lets lines like "your dick's not fucking anymore” come off as angelic rather than crude. In fact he's so sweet that the word "emo” is a tempting idea to entertain, and it's probably not far off since he’s a part-timer in the peripherally emo Joan of Arc, whose freaky tendencies temper the delight a few shades more than Burg does with this solo work. It's hard to pull off perky and pleasant pop without getting sickly cute, but Burg's a genius at it. (Redder)