Louise Burns "Jasper" (video)

Louise Burns 'Jasper' (video)
Vancouver's Louise Burns takes a sombre look at the world of the male prostitute in the new video for her The Midnight Mass's "Jasper."

Though shot in the desert outside of Los Angeles, Claire Edmondson's clip takes influence from classic, NYC-set '60s flick Midnight Cowboy. It finds a crew of hustlers discreetly meeting up with johns in toilet stalls, getting picked up on the street, and being harassed on their downtime. Burns acts as a silent observer, whether perched high up on a tree or lying against a convenience store wall.

"You hardly see males as prostitutes in film and entertainment either, so we wanted to explore that; the twist of cliches. One could even say the challenger acts as their pimp; the red devil driving them to insanity and exploitation," Burns told Noisey. "The song itself is about taking something that is ultimately good and destroying it for no apparent reason."

You'll find the contemplative video for Burns's moody synth-pop track down below.