Lou Barlow "Moving"

Lou Barlow 'Moving'
We're already bracing ourselves for the intimate impact of Lou Barlow's forthcoming Brace the Wave solo LP later this summer. But ahead of the record's September 4 street date via Joyful Noise, you can soak in the first strummy single, "Moving."

The track has the Dinosaur Jr./Sebadoh member working with a muted, though driving beat, as well as, reportedly, a detuned ukulele. The acoustic approach doesn't take anything away from the energy of the song, which surges with hard-picked melodies and introspective, onwards-and-upwards-striving lyrics.

After noting early on that he's "chewing on [his] brain" in search for answers, the rest of the song has him figuring out how he'll keep, well, "Moving."

You'll find the track down below.