Lotterboys Animalia

Taken from a name given to a group of youngsters that opposed the Nazi regime in Germany in favour of fashion and swing music, Lotterboys features an all-star cast of Fetisch and Shapemod from Terranova with vocals from Paris the Black Fu from Detroit Grand Pubahs. Combining the more popular aspects of both heritages, the music is bass-driven funk-infused electro with tongue-in-cheek lyrics delivered by Paris’s delectable voice. Some songs like "Animalia” and "Involvement” take this form with darker chord progressions and acidic guitars but the music is generally light-hearted with "Cadillac and Mac” or "Get Down Syndrome” epitomising a sexual sound inspired by the likes of Prince. Also included is one of the better covers of "Iron Man” by Black Sabbath, a track beaten to death already by hacks in every genre. Two singles, "Starwhores” and "Heroine,” open by showcasing Paris’s vocal repertoire, one of their greatest assets that later falls by the wayside.