Losing Sun Inertia

Losing Sun eschew the nu-metal banality of the recent past in favour of the way-back sounds of Alice in Chains and early Soundgarden, with more contemporary Deftones atmospherics thrown in for good measure. The results of this admixture are surprisingly and pleasingly novel. Losing Sun’s pop-inflected tunes present these clearly detectable influences reinterpreted rather than simply regurgitated; this is reinvention, not repetition. The strongest performance on this accomplished and promising debut LP belongs to drummer Jayce Lewis, a man who, when not rattling off intricate beats and technically proficient double bass drum rolls, is an active competitor in the burgeoning sport of mixed martial arts, or "cage fighting,” as it’s better known in the band’s native Wales. If he hits as hard in the cage as he does on this album, Lewis is a man to be feared. (Casket)