Loscil Releases Interactive EP Through Innovative Music App

Loscil Releases Interactive EP Through Innovative Music App
Vancouver ambient lord Loscil (a.k.a. Scott Morgan) has already had a busy year. He kicked things off with the For Greta EP, then followed it up with a reissue of his seminal Plume album. As if that weren't enough, he's now returned with the release of his long-promised interactive smartphone EP.

The release is called Adrift, and it arrived today (November 23) for iOS and Android. The EP features four tracks, each of which were made using electronic and acoustic elements. However, each segment was recorded as individual phrases that the app then weaves together differently with each play.

In other words, its an EP that should theoretically sound different every time you listen to it.

In a Fast Forward Weekly article from 2013, Morgan opened up about the process behind Adrift. "It's a different way of composing, because instead of just writing a piece, I have to actually write all of the little components that randomly get played back together by the thing."

Adrift is available now in the iTunes and Android app stores. A brief trailer for the project is available below.

Thanks to Resident Advisor for the tip.


1. Bannockburn
2. Baychimo
3. Orlova
4. Ryou-Un Maru