Loscil "Helluland"

Loscil 'Helluland'
Experimental/ambient producer Loscil, also known as Vancouver resident Scott Morgan, is set to release a new split EP with England-based organic ambient trio Fieldhead called Fury and Hecla. The EP merges their distinctive takes on the ambient genre, with the tracklisting arranged in an alternating fashion rather than in two halves, and the artists sharing sounds and inspirations across the ocean. Fury and Hecla hits shelves on September 8, care of Gizeh Records, but you can stream "Helluland" by Loscil now on Exclaim.ca.

"Helluland" opens with a minimal, droning synth melody, which remains at its core throughout. It's soon joined by an obscured beat that matches the melody's changes in the background. Almost two minutes in, a reverberant glass-like timbre chimes in, rough in its attack but elongated in its decay as it disappears back into the texture.

Near the three-minute mark, the beat becomes enhanced by an offset percussive sound, and the static atmosphere begins filling in. The background coming to the fore as the melody embraces a Boards of Canada-like tone, and the track reaches a natural crescendo before its quick decline. It's quite dynamic for ambient music, to say the least.

Listen to "Helluland" for yourself below.

Fury and Hecla:

1. Loscil - Fury
2. Fieldhead - Home
3. Loscil - Helluland
4. Fieldhead - Northumberland
5. Loscil - With Northerly Winds
6. Fieldhead - Hecla