Los Updates First If You Please

This aims to be sensual, minimal house and it is realized in many aspects. Songs like opener "4 Wheel Drive” unwrap a poetic journey of wild times with friends. Musically this record is very minimal and regularly hits the mark with loads of variant sounds brought down to their smaller pieces. A cool tribal sound, ever present on some songs, would find people grooving on any West coast beach. Still, the vocals and the music take risks at times, and not always without flubbing it. Boundaries are pushed on raunchy lyrical content interestingly and explicitly. "For My Soulmate and I” and "Sexual Madness” drive the male ego a little forcefully, releasing many sexy details. A little mystery never hurt. Still, we can’t deny songs like "4 Wheel Drive” and "It’s Getting Late,” which hold ideal creative flair and great energy to enliven a house mix, as shown on two Fabric compilations, the first by Villalobos and most recently by Luciano. (Forced Exposure)