Los Rakas "Cueria" (video)

Los Rakas 'Cueria' (video)
Los Rakas are among the best Spanish rappers on the planet right now. Their Panabay sound (Panama via Oakland) incorporates everything from silly, sophomoric humour to darker examinations into the human condition. Their new video for "Cueria," from their recent Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada is the latter.

Described as a mini-movie, the video spins a fictional but startling tale of two cousins on a mission to avenge the killing of their teenage friend. The video contains strong content, as it echoes the continued heavy-handed tactics of police in Oakland seen most recently in the force`s brutal reaction against Occupy Oakland protesters.

And check for the sonic cameo of the greatest hit of Panama`s most famous son: Ruben Blades` "Pedro Navaja," which itself was a salsa version of the similarly themed "Mack the Knife" from an earlier era.