Los Infernos Rock and Roll Nightmare

Last year these guys released a blazing single on Alternative Tentacles that was a rush of intense trucker/psychobilly power. Now on their debut full-length, they've changed styles, sonically slotting themselves somewhere between Bad Religion and the Supersuckers. The stuff still rocks, but it isn't quite as menacing as the first recordings, with sing-alongs and melody winning out over heavier rocking sounds. Songs like "Gimmee the Gun" pack a good twin guitar attack while "Nightmares" could almost be a cover of an old Misfits song, with its anthemic back-up vocals and crooning leads. "Time" is a downbeat, country-ish little song and provides a good diversion from all the punking going on here, but these guys are at their best when they're going full throttle. Even though Los Infernos might use some flowery vocal tricks once in a while, they make up for it with their "don't want to meet them in a dark alley," bad-ass, gang-style looks. (Alternative Tentacles)