Lorna Static Patterns and Souvenirs

Those still mourning the loss of Scotland’s beloved Delgados would be wise to read on, as Nottingham, UK’s Lorna more than fill the void of their brand of slow, delicate pop. There are some marked differences though that keep Lorna from fully pulling alongside the Delgados in terms of quality, but in songs like "He Dreams of Spaceships” and "Understanding Heavy Metal Parts I and II,” the light touch of promise is fully there. The heart and soul of Lorna is in the tantalising harmonies of Sharon Cohen and Mark Rolfe, who on the above tracks and others, like "Swans,” push the yearning and dark nature of the songs forward in their hushed delivery. Another strong asset to Static is the varied use of strings, trumpets and harmonicas to bring each song a little distinct flavour. Unfortunately, most of the songs here waltz along at a very sludgy pace and, despite the excellent quality of production, interest does tend to wane. The Delgados always successfully straddled the line of indulgence in their slower moments and of their more upbeat pop glories, and once Lorna find that balance, many will swoon. (Words On Music)