Loose Acoustic Loose Acoustic

This instrumental trio from Vancouver harnesses progressive energy in ways that most cannot accomplish, and they do it minimally, but deceptively. Despite the use of acoustic instrumentation (bluesy and deep stand up bass, rustic gliding guitar and freeform drums) that is thoroughly balanced (nothing overpowers the others), the delicate yet precise group uses emotional sound portraits and dynamics to create electricity, so to speak. Their power lies within a musical triangle that is anchored by inspirations from Bill Frisell, Medeski Martin and Wood, and Hendrix, thus placing them somewhere between jazz, jam and meditative entity. Time is taken throughout the whole album, which is quite a healing listen and a good alternative to going fishing on a lake surrounded by dense wilderness, since the band perfectly creates that atmosphere with their music. Also, this disc should be a staple album to play in the background of cafes everywhere. It's perfect. (Independent)