Long Distance Poison Signals to a Habitable Zone

In an effort to accelerate the global goal of communicating with extraterrestrial beings, Long Distance Poison have prepared a blueprint for building an "HZ Signal Sync" device and have supplied it for like-minded individuals to assemble their own while playing the otherworldly tones that emanate from this lovingly packaged LP. The idea is to transmit these "signal songs" to habitable zones ― areas in outer space that will hopefully be discovered during NASA's Kepler Mission. What the potential alien life forms will think of these electronically produced drone emanations is anyone's guess. These are deep, constantly evolving sonic constructs that are focused on what lies beyond our skies. Mimicking the motion of stellar bodies, these synthetic tone clusters groove slowly, manoeuvring through self-made channels within the vacuum of outer space. Signals represents an effort by Long Distance Poison to journey away from this planet as if they were their own psychedelic rocket ship. (Fin)