Lone Ambivert Tools Volume Two

Lone  Ambivert Tools Volume Two
Following the release of Ambivert Tools Volume One earlier this year, Lone (aka Matt Cutler) responds with yet another incredibly lush and textured follow up in his series of 4/4 excursions. Volume Two, released on R&S Records, not only lives up to its description as "breezy atmospheric house," but provides listeners with the perfect antidote to the end of summer: carefully crafted ambient electronic.
The EP follows in the same melodious footsteps as its predecessor, showcasing "Cutler's talent for a nagging melody" with three new tracks. His work is at once fresh and whimsical, building momentum with ease to uncover new depths. Opening track "Mind's Eye Melody" catches the listener wonderfully by surprise with its cascading beats and tropical percussion, while "Looking Glass" can't help but resonate with dance floor enthusiasts via its pulsating drums. The six-minute reprise of "Mind's Eye Melody" is also not to be forgotten, as it provides the EP with a tender outro featuring delicate harp and flute accents.  
Cutler's ability to dovetail emotive soundscapes and ambient electronic is impressive, and ensures Volume Two is not to be missed. (R&S)