Lone Ambivert Tools Volume One

Lone Ambivert Tools Volume One
It's been a decade since British producer Lone, aka Matt Cutler, released his debut, Everything Is Changing Colour. That's ten years of trailblazing music production culminating in the release of his latest EP, Ambivert Tools Volume One, on R&S Records. The new material is the first in a series of EPs that will see a return to Cutler's "hypnotic 4/4 excursions" following 2016's Levitate.
The EP opens with "Crush Mood," a pulsating house track that immediately sets the tone. Amid punchy drums and dreamy chords, honeyed vocals embolden listeners to free their minds. "Chroma" follows in much the same vein and cements the inevitability that both tracks will likely play a large role in any of Cutler's upcoming DJ sets.
But both A-side ventures are appetizers when compared to the rich feast of "From A Past Life," the B-side closer. It is a lush, deeply textured house track that sees Cutler bring new sounds to the fold, including "woozy African percussion." Reminiscent of the ambient soundscapes of Boards of Canada, the track showcases the producer's long held talent for beat exploration and tapping into multiple genres.
If Ambivert Tools Volume One is any indication, Lone is set to rollout some exciting new EPs in the coming months. (R & S Records)