Log Everytime A Bell Rings An Angel Gets His Wings

This took me a bit by surprise, since most Swedish bands aren’t typically known for being slow and melancholic. This four-piece outfit was originally a side project of the members’ other bands, but after some local praise and a lengthy recording process, Log took over as the primary focus, to our great benefit. With a definite nod to American artists like Songs:Ohia, Grandaddy and Low, Everytime A Bell Rings… is a remarkably strong debut record, and by no means a one-trick pony. The outstanding opener "In Cold Blood” moves at a snails pace, complemented by some nice slide guitar, whereas tracks like "Note On Bathroom Mirror” and "Off The Ground” are a bit less dour, and the melodies are a bit brighter. Granted, the overall mood throughout the album isn’t exactly a summertime romp: tempos are generally slow and there’s a fair deal of minor-chord progressions. Still, there are many moments of sonic beauty on this album, and it goes well beyond being yet another addition to the lo-fi, "slowcore” genre. The soft production, with just the right amount of reverb, gives the songs a nice sense of space and a dreamy feeling. The short instrumental "Every Streetlight A Reminder” even serves as a ghostly reminder of guitar sounds mastered by Daniel Lanois. The only blip in sight might be "Yellow Lights Mean Slow Down, Not Speed Up,” which suffers from the use of a drum machine; the modus operandi for Log until Kristofer Ronstrom joined and made a major change to their sound and songwriting style. (Bad Taste)