Lock And Key

No Fate

BY Sam SutherlandPublished Apr 1, 2004

If artwork alone were enough to sell an album, No Fate would be platinum before this went to print. The simple design of this seven-song endeavour is stark and gorgeous, in direct opposition with the band’s grating sonic assault. Ryan Shanahan’s voice, combined with the rest of the group’s fast, melodic rhythms, calls to mind Hot Water Music, and certain tracks on the album seem to draw more than a slight influence from the post-hardcore luminaries. No Fate is still an interesting listen, with an excellent dynamic between Shanahan and fellow guitarist Mike Vera. Their intense interplay is particularly strong on "Selective Memory,” though the rest of the disc is just as consistent. Though occasionally lacking in originality, Lock and Key certainly do not fall short in the emotion category. From the gut-wrenching belting of the vocals to the all-out percussive blast of drummer Keith Casella, the band demonstrate a sincerity and energy that is sure to eventually lead them to their own place musically.
(Deep Elm)

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