The Little Ones "Ordinary Song"

The Little Ones 'Ordinary Song'
It’s never an enviable task for a band to follow-up a flawless single. The difficulty in bettering or even just matching the spark of that perfect predecessor is always doubtful, so what better way to cushion the blow than to name that tune "Ordinary Song”? Well, actually, that’s a terrible idea, but that’s the position the Little Ones now find themselves in with the first single from their highly anticipated debut album, The Morning Tide, which’ll arrive via Astralwerks on April 15. The band’s first release, 2006’s Sing Song was a rare occurrence — an EP that delivered five equally and instantly likeable songs of the utmost sun-shining harmonies, and one absolute corker of a single, ”Lovers Who Uncover,” which to me deserves a third commercial release until it’s recognised for its brilliance. Luckily "Ordinary Song” doesn’t suffer the obvious fate something so boldly titled deserves. Instead, the Cali boys give more of the same pleasurable pop goodness that as we suspected doesn’t come close to rivalling "Lovers Who Uncover.” It builds and builds and builds, but the chorus settles on anti-climactic wellbeing, which the breakdown towards the end manages to elevate ever so slightly. That said, it’s still rather enjoyable to say the least, and there’s still an entire album that could do such a thing, but isn’t that usually supposed to be the first single’s job? Oh well…

Click here to download both "Ordinary Song” and its Electrelane remix for free.

The Little Ones "Ordinary Song”