Little Girls Unleash Proper Full-Length Debut, Tour Ontario

Little Girls Unleash Proper Full-Length Debut, Tour Ontario
Following a beloved string of EPs, Toronto lo-fi pop buzzer Josh McIntyre has announced the details for his full-length debut as Little Girls. The album is titled Concepts, and will be released by Paper Bag Records this fall.

According to the press release, the album was recorded in McIntyre's home studio and follows the theme of growing up. Fittingly enough, then, the record includes everything from Little Girls' first ever song all the way through to his newest material. "Most of the tracks on Concepts have a very nostalgic feel to them," McIntyre says in the release. "The new record definitely has a darker tone to it compared to the Thrills EP; even the brighter songs still have dark undertones."

Concepts is due out on October 13. To coincide with the record's release, McIntyre will be taking the group on a small Canadian tour, with a number of dates to be announced. He'll play supporting dates for Monotonix, Japandroids, and Wavves.


1. "Youth Tunes"
2. "Seeing"
3. "Tambourine"
4. "Acorn A.D."
5. "Imaginary Friends"
6. "Salt Swimmers"
7. "Thrills"
8. "Departure"
9. "Venom"
10. "Last Call"
11. "Growing"

Tour dates:

9/16 Windsor, ON - Phog Lounge
9/17 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick *
9/18 Guelph, ON - Albion *
9/23 Montreal, QC -€“ Friendship Cove **
9/25 Ottawa, ON - Cafe Dekcuf
10/7 Toronto, ON - Velvet Underground ***
10/8 Hamilton, ON - Casbah ***

* with Japandroids
** with Wavves
*** with Monotonix