Little Brazil You and Me

This is a neat little indie rock album out of the ever satisfying, although sometimes surprising, Nebraska scene. Comprised of Landon Hedges, who started out as bass player in Desaparecidos and guitar player in Cursive’s side project the Good Life, and Corey Broman of Son, Ambulance, along with Dan Maxwell and Austin Britton, Little Brazil pours out reflective songs that sound like waves of violent sighs. Gripping tracks like "Easier” seem to fall together in layers of melodic whines and diving minor chords, while "The Way You Listen” and "Southern Florida” trail on an emotional rawness. This is an album that only takes one listen to get into, and the members’ past experience is an indication of where such strong songwriting has come from. With similarities to Hot Little Rocket and Superchunk while still maintaining a distinctive style, Little Brazil’s debut brims with heartfelt energy and anti-pop notions. (Mt. Fuji)