Little Boots "Staring at the Sun"

Little Boots 'Staring at the Sun'
After spending time last year as a Working Girl, Little Boots (a.k.a. Victoria Christina Hesketh) is not stepping back from her duties and "Staring at the Sun." Or, at least, that's the title to the electro-pop singer's brand new single, which lands ahead of another album release.

Little Boots unveiled the track today (June 3), writing to her fans over Facebook: "SURPRISE! This song is dedicated to all of you guys."

The gift is full of four-on-the-floor drum machine bits, sun-dappled synth melodies and Little Boots' big vocal harmonies. Throughout, she sings of "us" being completely unstoppable, shining bright, and heading straight past heaven. At other moments, it reflects on the quick pace of life.

The tune is from an upcoming record titled Afterhours, which has yet to receive an official due date. For now, you can stream "Staring at the Sun" below.

UPDATE (6/7, 2:15 p.m. EDT): The Afterhours EP will arrive on June 17 via Little Boots' own On Repeat Records.