Lisa Prank Adult Teen

Lisa Prank Adult Teen
It's hard to hate Adult Teen. The sophomore record from Robin Edwards' solo project Lisa Prank, Adult Teen is sickly sweet and relentlessly upbeat. Certainly, Edwards knows how to create a satisfying bedroom-pop record.
However, the Seattle based Lisa Prank fails to truly capture listeners' imaginations here. Over its course, Adult Teen relies heavily on the tropes of the lo-fi scene that have been rolled out over and over the past couple of years. Backed by a Roland MC-505 drum machine, Edwards thrashes her guitar, and her vocal delivery is consistent and strong, but it all becomes repetitive at times.
"Baby, Let Me Write Yr Lines" is the standout song here, Edwards strumming furiously in a short punk song à la early Blink-182 and the Ramones. "Turn It Up" is a nice change of pace, with Edwards dropping as close to a ballad as she'll get, whilst "Why Can't We Just Dance?" has a catchy lead riff. However, most of Adult Teen flies under the radar — there's little of note to laud or criticise.
For fans of lo-fi, bedroom pop records, Adult Teen will go down exceptionally well; it just won't convert anyone with any doubts about the genre. (Father/Daughter)