Liquid Stick Where 6 Would Be

A complete fusion of funk, rock’n’roll and pop is the best way to describe Liquid Stick’s sound. Where 6 Would Be is truly unique, part avant-garde, part industrial. There’s a subtle dichotomy to this album in the sense that while there’s a fresh air to it all there’s also an unshakeable void. It really is quite odd in that while everything is held nicely together with vocals succinctly matching their accompanying bass line and rhythms, something remains just out of reach. That something can best be described as funk without the soul, rock’n’roll that leans more to roll than rock, and pop more comparable to a light fizz. With this release Liquid Stick has certainly whet the pallet for a new and different sound, but they have a little further to travel. Where 6 Would Be is a difficult album to classify and equally difficult to justify at this stage of the game. (Independent)