Limaçon Tarry Not

The bubbly funk riding tech house from Limaçon's (aka San Francisco producer Christopher Lee) first feature full-length, Tarry Not, is another Thoughtless Music calling card. Fun and playfully foreboding, Tarry Not's tracks contrast with, as well as build upon, each other. Squirrelly effects and house loops play slave to the thump and grind of the techno foundation, and Limaçon successfully exudes a minimal vibe while being far from sparse in production. The aqua-tech motor of "Shaken" and the squelchy synth and bass stabs of "Labels" marry and fatten up in the bubbly bass shuffle of "Aye Wolf," and the low riding funk of "Tarry Not." "Sans Rip" digs its moody synth pads into darker, rawer territory, and "Nudge" pounds with a restrained psych edge. Track by track, the quality and originality remain high, which for anything techno-derived can be a considerable challenge, in lesser hands. A Thoughtless Music production, so you know it's clean, but this time it's not so polished that it can't lose itself in a bit of grit, which makes the whole Tarry Not tech-house motor hum. (Thoughtless)