Lily Frost Situation

Lily Frost has been a fixture on the Vancouver music scene for the past decade, releasing seven CDs either by herself or as a member of the Colorifics and Mimosa. These days, however, she is making Toronto her home and so it is only fitting that this change of location is also accompanied by a change in her music. The six songs on Situation are a bit of a departure for Frost, but the change doesn’t sound too contrived. In fact, it is actually a lot more enjoyable than her previous album — the laid-back vibe is definitely easy on the ear, and she seems to have found the perfect style for her poppiest of pop songs. Situation is her strongest release to date, thanks to the dreamy, summery feel of every song. Plus an EP is the perfect length for such a sweet confection — it doesn’t overstay its welcome and finishes quickly enough to leave you wanting more. (Trademark)