Lily Frost Lunamarium

Lily Frost is a Vancouver artist who has several irons in the fire - rather than limiting herself to simply recording a few tunes from time to time, she has also appeared in several TV and film productions. Lunamarium is her second solo release and it continues with her journey away from the cocktail music she produced during her time at the vocalist with the Colorifics. These days, Lily is simply concerned with uncomplicated pop, and that makes this album very, very accessible. But despite the fact that the album as a whole could never be called particularly subtle, it does have an unexpected eclectic feel that helps to keep in interesting. There is an obvious autobiographical content to the lyrics that reflects uncertainty and insecurity - it doesn't take a genius to realise who "Lily Of The Sky" is about. Quite a cast of musicians (both as part of her band and as invited guests) were assembled to fashion the music - guitars and keyboards dominate but there are some moments of variety courtesy of accordion and trumpet. This isn't the kind of record that is going to set the music world on fire, but there are a handful of songs that are catchy enough to suggest at least some slow smouldering ashes. (Trademark)