Lil Wayne to Work with Limp Bizkit

Lil Wayne to Work with Limp Bizkit
Insane ex-convict and beloved rapper Lil Wayne completely ruined his hot streak with last year's Rebirth. The horrible foray into rap rock saw the talented MC bring down his average with his Avril Lavigne-meets-Linkin Park hybrid. Following the quality of recent singles like "6'7," we were hoping that dark chapter was just a misstep. Then we found out that the rapper was going straight into rap metal's dark, evil epicentre by collaborating with Limp Bizkit.

The NME brings us the harrowing news that Weezy entered the studio with the nu-metal rockers to complete a track for their upcoming album, Gold Cobra.

 The "Nookie" man himself, Fred Durst, dropped word of the collaboration via his Twitter, where he wrote, "Oh, excuse me, sixteenth song mixed is Ready To Go featuring Lil Wayne! GFY! I love it."

We don't speak douche, but we're guessing that "GFY" was an abbreviation for "go fuck yourself."

Incredibly, the album is also said to include a guest appearance from Raekwon. But before you think this record will have any hip-hop credibility, note that it also has an intro narrated by Gene Simmons.