Lil Pump Detained by Danish Police for Flipping Them the Bird

As a result, his show in Copenhagen got cancelled
Lil Pump Detained by Danish Police for Flipping Them the Bird
Lil Pump is once again in hot water, this time for taunting Danish police. As a result, the rapper was detained by officers, and his concert in Copenhagen was cancelled.

Lil Pump was to perform in the Danish capital tonight, but according to TMZ, the incident with police began today when the rapper and his crew were detained after one of them was reportedly packing something illegal.

But as they were being taken to the police station, Pump decided to bust out his phone and start livestreaming the whole thing (of course). He even gave the officers the finger (yes, the bad one).

The police saw what was going on, however, and so they detained him for much longer than they would have, TMZ reports. As a result, Lil Pump's Copenhagen show was cancelled.

According to promoter Live Nation, the official reason for the concert getting axed was because of "unexpected events."

On the plus side, Lil Pump is expected to be released from police custody within the next 24 hours, and so far, he isn't facing any criminal charges.

UPDATE (12/5, 3:15 p.m. EST): Things are going from bad to worse for Lil Pump. Following the concert cancellation in Denmark, his concert in Finland has now officially been called off. Also, the rapper is reportedly still in police custody in Denmark, as of press time. His next concert is now slated for Oslo, Norway, on Thursday (December 6).

UPDATE (12/6, 11:30 a.m. EST): Lil Pump is now officially a free man. According to TMZ, the rapper was released from police custody after being locked up in Copenhagen. Apparently, the "Illegal" thing that got them all into trouble was weed, so Pump and his crew had to pay a fine of between $700 to $800 USD before getting released. They were reportedly ordered to leave Denmark and now headed to Oslo for Lil Pump's next show tonight.

You can check out footage of the whole thing play out below.