Like Young So Serious

Two seems to be the magic number these days as more and more bands are downsizing. The Like Young is a married couple (Joe and Amanda Ziemba) that obviously doesn’t need anything more than their love to keep the band going. Like Mates Of State (with whom the Ziembas toured), this Chicago-based duo serve up crunchy power pop the only a Mr. and Mrs. can — with a healthy side of mutual affection. Produced by Barry Phipps, formerly of the Coctails, the band’s second album, So Serious, is an even terser listen than last year’s Art Contest, clocking in at only 24 minutes despite there being 12 songs. What’s most magnetic about the Like Young is their ability to keep every song tight and hook-filled, with Joe’s crisp guitar riffs punching away in each one. This whole idea of rock marriages makes me wish there were more matrimonial rock acts floating around. (Parasol)