Lightning Dust "I Knew"

Lightning Dust 'I Knew'
The kids in Black Mountain have had the run of my iPod lately. Just when I was finally getting over last year's fantastic In the Future, Stephen McBean drops that new Pink Mountaintops record. And now, singer Amber Webber and drummer Joshua Wells, under the guise of Lightning Dust, hit us with "I Knew," the first track from their upcoming record Infinite Light.

The tune is a departure from the moody, keys and acoustic guitar-based tracks the duo recorded for their self-titled debut. And while that record felt like a side-project (albeit a very good one), "I Knew" sounds like the main event. Freed from her usual back-up singer role, Webber takes full advantage here and delivers a full-on pop rave-up over a keyboard line that sounds like it was cribbed from an 8-bit video game. It's kind of revelatory, and hopefully a sign of what to expect when their album drops in August.

Stream and download "I Knew" here.