Light in the Attic Unearths Soul Obscurity the Supreme Jubilees

Light in the Attic Unearths Soul Obscurity the Supreme Jubilees
Light in the Attic has given the world some unforgettable reissues of obscure records lost in the sands of time, and here's its latest. It comes from California gospel-soul group the Supreme Jubilees in the form of the 1980 album It'll All Be Over. This will be out on January 20.

A press release explains that the band consisted of three members of the Kingsby family, along with four members of the Sanders family (plus one extra musician not in either family). The record was originally released on the group's own label S&K (that is, Sanders & Kingsby).

The album was started at a studio in Fresno, CA, but the band were kicked out after clashing with the engineer because they wanted more bass in the mix. They then finished it in Visalia, CA. The Supreme Jubilees planned to release a follow-up album in 1981, but the band eventually fizzled out — but not before they toured in Texas.

A record sold on that Texan tour later ended up at a San Antonia record shop and was purchased by collector David Haffner more than a decade ago. Haffner then brought it to Light in the Attic.

This remastered edition marks the first time this record has ever been reissued on vinyl, and the first time it's ever been pressed on CD. Although It'll All Be Over is a rarity, it's not quite as mysterious as, say, Lewis, since the band members are still friends and are in direct contact with the label. The liner notes even include a new interview with the band.

The tracklist is below. Hear the smoothly funky, religiously searching "Do You Believe" below that.

There will be a coloured edition of 200 records on so-called "sunset orange" vinyl, plus 200 more on "sky blue" vinyl. It can be pre-ordered here, where 30-second samples of each track are also available.

It'll All Be Over:

1. It'll All Be Over
2. Do You Believe
3. Thank You Lord
4. I Am on the Lord's Side
5. You Don't Know
6. Standing in the Need of Prayer
7. Got A Right
8. We'll Understand
9. Stop Today