Light Fires "Ten Feet Tall" (video)

Light Fires 'Ten Feet Tall' (video)
Toronto dance pop duo Light Fires is the new project of Gentleman Reg's glammed-up Regina alter ego and Ohbijou's James Bunton, and we're happy to debut the group's debut video for their "Ten Feet Tall" single.

This well-made clip was directed by Colin Medley and Jared Raab, who have previously helmed clips by Diamond Rings, Forest City Lovers and Matters, and shows Regina looking fabulous as lights flash all around and a one-person party is had.

Apparently, the clip was inspired by Ji Lee's "ABSTRACTOR" art project, and the entire video was shot in one short evening.

According to the directors, "By back-projecting onto horizontal strips of scotch tape, between black cards, we were able to get the effect of a horizontal anamorphic lighting flare. It's normally an effect you see done with computer generated imagery for, say, a Jennifer Lopez video. As usual, we found an easy and cheap way do it in camera. Not that Regina doesn't deserve the star treatment."

Check out the clip for "Ten Feet Tall" below. Light Fires will self-release the song digitally and as a seven-inch on Tuesday (July 19).

Light Fires - "Ten Feet Tall" from Light Fires on Vimeo.