Lifter Puller Fiestas and Fiascos

Lifter Puller is a band from Minneapolis who sound like a mixture of Girls Against Boys, King Missile and Cake. The music is arty and angular stripped-down rock with lyrics that are more spoken than sung. The lyrics all deal with the crazy night life that centres around a club called the Nice Nice, and the listener goes along on this drugged, drunk, sexy musical night out. This isn't quite a concept album, but it comes pretty close. Some of the hotter songs are "Touch My Stuff," which features some new wave-style organ, and "Space Humping $19.99," which has some funny stream of consciousness lyrics involving buttless chaps. One of the heaviest riffs is thrown down on the track "The Flex And The Buff Result," which closes out the album. It also has some cool saxophone and thematically offers an ending to the story with the Nice Nice about to be burnt down. This is a neat little record that grows on the listener with its wise-ass indie rock charms. (Frenchkiss)