Life in a Blender Tell Me I'm Pretty

The absolutely absurd and certifiably bizarre made this record. New York's Life in a Blender is an entire parade of irreverence and sonic bliss. Singer Don Ralph spouts metaphors about sea monsters (that one's about love) and untidy vignettes with delightful names like "Sex With Cops." The band froths at the mouth as they follow him from musical post to pot-hole and he might just begin a song with a lyric like "I was in the backyard burning a rug" or drone through a bio-pic about a "Member of the Mobile Wash Unit." Life in a Blender is the anti-beacon of NY - a beer-bellied cross-eyed poet raising up a wine-filled paper cup...a statuette to non-pop and decoy rock. This is not the kind of band you'd want to meet in a dark alley. It is, however, the kind of band you'd want to namedrop at a cocktail party. (Fang)