Lido Pimienta Might Launch Her Album at Dufferin Mall's No Frills

'Miss Colombia' could debut at "the happiest place on earth"
Lido Pimienta Might Launch Her Album at Dufferin Mall's No Frills
Lido Pimienta, Colombian-Canadian singer-songwriter, 2017 Polaris Prize winner, activist, mother and upcoming X Avant performer has a new record coming out on October 18 called Miss Colombia. That record needs a launch party, and Pimienta has a location in mind.

Yesterday (October 6), Pimienta took to Twitter to talk about the album release and recounted the time she spoke with Toronto Life about being a style icon. For the corresponding photoshoot, Pimienta posed inside Toronto's favourite and most meme-worthy shopping centre, Dufferin Mall — inside the No Frills, no less — to show off her attire.

In her Twitter post this weekend, Pimienta mentioned that she'd like to throw her Miss Colombia release party in the very same mall, which she called "the happiest place on earth."

Today, luck would have it that Pimienta caught the attention of No Frills with her tweet. No Frills has since responded to the artist, in an exchange that can be seen below.


While we wait on further information, we have our fingers crossed for Pimienta, the shoppers of Dufferin Mall and all Torontonians that No Frills and Pimienta can strike a deal for the launch of Miss Colombia

Although this may be the first No Frills album launch party in history, it's certainly not Toronto's first mall party. In January 2016, Long Winter hosted its monthly party in Galleria Mall just up the street from Dufferin Mall. The party featured performances from New Fries, Teen Anger, the Highest Order, VCR, S.H.I.T. and more. 

Miss Colombia marks Pimienta's follow up to 2016's Polaris-winning La Papessa