Lido Pimienta Left Scratched, Bruised and Bleeding by Unknown Attacker

Lido Pimienta Left Scratched, Bruised and Bleeding by Unknown Attacker
Photo: Daniella Murillo
Lido Pimienta has shared an account of a harrowing assault that left her bruised, scratched and bleeding.

In a Twitter thread, the Colombian-Canadian artist told the story of being randomly attacked at a crosswalk outside her house this weekend by an unknown woman.

"My children just witnessed a white woman hitting me with a shopping cart at a crosswalk," Pimienta wrote on Saturday (June 26). "She insists on calling the police even though all the neighbours saw what happened... I don't know what to do... My face is all scratched my body all bruised, I hit her too to defend myself."

Pimienta explained that she "surrendered" after being hit on the head and scratched, as she didn't want her children to witness any more of the violence. It appears that after being knocked to the ground, her neighbours helped get the woman to back off and leave.

In addition to being subjected to violence, Pimienta feared she could have contracted COVID-19 during the attack, and asked her followers if she should get a test.

"It's so messed up that I am shaking and hurting and bleeding but that's not what's worrying me right now, it's the likelihood of the p*lice showing up at my door that is really really scary to me right now — I am so afraid she will put charges on me and that they will side with her," Pimienta wrote.

In a follow-up post yesterday (June 27), Pimienta shared that she and her children are now "safe and healing" from the incident and that the police never showed up. 

See Pimienta's account of the attack below.