Lia Ices Unveils Jagjaguwar Debut, Shares Bon Iver Collaboration

Lia Ices Unveils Jagjaguwar Debut, Shares Bon Iver Collaboration
Experimental pop songstress Lia Ices has become the latest artist to be swept up by Jagjaguwar. Following 2008's Necima, which came out via Rare Book Room, Ices has signed to the much-loved indie for her second album. Entitled Grown Unknown, it's slated to drop January 25.

In addition to featuring more of her otherworldly pop, the album will contain an appearance from one of her most prominent labelmates: Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. The pair collaborated on the track "Daphne," which you can hear in the SoundCloud player below.

According to Jagjaguwar, the album will feature plenty of haunting experimentalism and inventive arrangements. An entry on the label's blog says, "Ices' voice floats and flutters around you, like the leaves from trees on a fleeting fall day, and the instrumentation matches that subtle dynamism."

The album was recorded at the Clubhouse in Rhinebeck, NY, and was mixed at the Rare Book Room. You can see the tracklist below and check out the album cover above.

Grown Unknown:

1. "Love Is Won"

2. "Daphne"

3. "Little Marriage"

4. "Bag of Wind"

5. "Grown Unknown"

6. "After Is Always Before"

7. "Ice Wine"

8. "Lilac"

9. "New Myth"

"Daphne" by Lia Ices by jagjaguwar