Lia Ices Hooks Up with Clams Casino for 'Ices' LP

Lia Ices Hooks Up with Clams Casino for 'Ices' LP
Three years after Lia Ices delivered her masterful Jagjaguwar debut Grown Unknown, the ethereal pop performer has announced an almost eponymous follow-up, Ices.

The singer-songwriter's third full-length arrives September 16, with the 10-song effort having been prepped at various locations via Ices and her brother Eliot Kessel's Benny Sagittarius production team. According to the artist "each song on the record became a collage of times, places, and people," with sessions taking place around New York, New Jersey, California and Georgia.

Song sketches began in Hudson Valley, NY, where Ices and her brother laid down vocals, guitars, synths and beats. Recordings were then shuffled off to producer Clams Casino (A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller) before the three got together in Brooklyn to reconfigure the songs.

"We worked in the penthouse of the Wythe Hotel — a floating glass box," Ices explained in a statement. "We'd set up our computer, mixing speakers, midi keyboards, and all our weird gear, plus Thai food and red wine. We'd bring up one of our demos and we'd sit behind the midi keyboard and sift through sounds and ideas and beats and find new things together."

Ices added that drums and percussion were tracked in Woodstock, NY, and Los Angeles, while her final vocal takes were captured in Atlanta.

Ahead of the rest of the release, you can check out the first sample the set's "Thousand Eyes" in a lyric video. The Dougal Henken-directed video features artwork by Hugo Barros. As you'll find down below, there are a lot of "la la las" for you to learn.


1. Tell Me

2. Thousand Eyes

3. Higher

4. Love Ices Over

5. Magick

6. Electric Arc

7. Sweet as Ice

8. Creature

9. How We Are

10. Waves