Lets Go Bowling Stay Tuned

Sadly, LGB has toned down the ska on their third studio release. Gone are the wonderful, jazzy solos and wicked ska romps. In their place is something very poppy, much in the same vein as Smashmouth with some Joe Jackson vocals. And to make matters even worse for the ska fan, LGB have made a very good pop (with a dash of ska) album! The instrumental "Electric Bread" is the only track that hints of past glories. Other tracks such as "Fallen Angel" and "She's Killing You" provide some memorable, catchy moments and make this a hard CD not to like. Maybe it was time for a change in the band's direction. Maybe they were bored. One thing is for sure; they have now joined the ranks of other former strictly ska acts and have thrown the dice in hopes of more success. Good stuff for the ska-light connoisseur. (Liberation)