Lesley Young


BY Eric ThomPublished Sep 19, 2007

You know that feeling you get from biting into dark chocolate, being torn between guilt and unadulterated pleasure? That’s what this second release is all about by Toronto singer-songwriter Lesley Young. Floating in an ether of confidence and self-assuredness, Young has crafted ten pure pop ditties that seem ageless in their purity. These are light, fluffy and irresistible old school tunes that boast sturdy hooks, sparse but tasteful accompaniment and a cool, clear voice that cuts through the typical tortured, "chip on my shoulder” singer-songwriter syndrome as a buoyant, uplifting alternative. The star of the show is Young’s crystalline vocal tone and soft, breathy asides, yet the gentle arrangements, which tenderly frame each three-minute song, deserve credit. Highlights include the quirky "Give Me A Sign” and the darker "Jezebel,” while ”Time of My Life” bubbles with Lisa Loeb-ness. Some songs simply get lost in themselves going nowhere ("Duschenes Avenue,” "Wait Until Darkness Comes”), while others ("I Want You”) find a natural balance between sparse accompaniment and pop appeal, sneaking up on you with a subtle stick, its elusive hook eventually finding the mark. Young’s second disc shows the promise of good things to come and I can’t wait.

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