Les Viperes Rock ‘n' Roll Ain't No Solution!

This is a ten-song split album from Quebec City’s Les Viperes and Paris’s Holy Curse. First up are the French Canadians, with their heavy-handed, double-guitar hot rod punk rock. The best track from these boys is the short and speedy "Terroriste," with its spazz attack attitude and French lyrics. There is groovier side to the band too, as more steady-rocking tracks like "Rechercher," with its mix of ’70s punk and ’60s groove demonstrates. The band from the old country, Holy Curse, actually sings in English and plays a more restrained style of punk, in the Social Distortion tradition. They’ve got a song called "Too Much Paranoia," which isn’t a Devo cover but an "I’m Eighteen" kind of slow rocker. Their other tracks are more mid-tempo street anthems, as "City Kids" shows. A good split disc, in that the sampling of each band’s material is different enough to complement the other’s well (SDZ)