Les Savy Fav After the Balls Drop

Les Savy Fav <i>After the Balls Drop</i>
Known for their high-energy live shows, Les Savy Fav seem like a band ripe for a live album. They certainly have the material — four full-lengths, a compilation of singles, an EP and various splits — and with After the Balls Drop, they chose the wildest night of last year to "drop” one: New Years! Actually, to be factually correct, it would be the wildest night of this year, I guess.

A digital-only release lifted from the stage at the Bowery Ballroom performing at 3:00 in the A.M., the one-hour set finds the band full of beans, and in the celebration mode as they run through 15 cuts of unbridled, spastic rock we’ve come to expect from LSF.

Considering the time, place and of course, date, don’t expect the same quality as a studio album. This is the five-piece taking it all in and doing what they normally do on stage: exploding with the energy of an off-leash puppy park. So yeah, there are bum notes, off tempos and plenty of lengthy banter by front-man Tim Harrington, as well as crowd noise. But if you’re looking for perfection, wait for that inevitable live disc from those immaculate Jonas Brothers.

To ensure a fun night was had by all, the band start with ten of their own, including "Sweat Descends,” which you can hear below, and then go right into five straight covers to cap off the night: Creedence Clearwater Revival’s "Hey Tonight,” Pixies’ "Debaser,” Misfits’ "Astro Zombies,” Nirvana’s "Sliver,” and the perfect sing-along swan song, Love’s "Everybody's Gotta Live.”

Also if you’re new to LSF, check out the digital special "Best of Les Savy Fav,” chosen by the band themselves (I think). You can buy that now, and After the Balls Drop on April 29 by visiting the Frenchkiss Records digital online shop right here.

And for those out west, don’t forget to catch Harrington and the boys at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom on July 26.

After the Balls Drop Tracklisting:

1 Equestrian
2 Patty Lee 

3 What Would Wolves Do? 

4 Sweat Descends 

5 Yawn Yawn Yawn 

6 We'll Make A Lover Of You 

7 The Year Before The Year 2000 

8 The Lowest Bitter 

9 Who Rocks The Party 

10 Tim Speech 

11 Hey Tonight [Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover] 

12 Debaser [Pixies Cover]

13 Astro Zombies [Misfits Cover]

14 Sliver [Nirvana Cover]

15 Everybody's Gotta Live [Love Cover]

Les Savy Fav "Sweat Descends” (Live)