Les Jardiniers Moon Patrol

A fun and groovy release from Montrealers Jean-Francois Charette and Martin Dumas, who together as Les Jardiniers, fuse disco and electro with a vast array of influences to create this extraterrestrial journey called Moon Patrol. One can't help but compare them to the sound of Rinocerose; they have a similar live house sound but draw from wider influences to encompass a more experimental sound, including didgeridoos (on "Alpine Fever") and even zydeco flavours (on "Molokai"). Guest vocalists Mimosa and @ri add lyrical flourishes to several of the tracks, filling out the band-like sound of the group. Some tracks are far out in leftfield but are interesting, like "Tour de Glace," which uses sampled sounds of snow crunching and ice crackling. Overall, Moon Patrol is a summery release from a duo having fun with pop experimentation and certainly not taking themselves too seriously. (Haute Couture)