Les Jardiniers Le Theme

Though writing prime time TV theme songs is hardly the underground route to notoriety, Montrealers Les Jardiniers have managed to maintain a minimalist house-disco hybrid feel that even the most devoutly anti-mainstream of 4/4 music listeners would at the very least bop their heads to — and at best probably bliss out on a dance floor to a very original blend of stretchy elastic bass-lines, jazzy high-hats with juicy touches of live guitar and shuffling drums. Even the theme to Radio Canada’s weekly television show “Christiane Charette en direct” is bouncy and rather enjoyable. “Everybody’s Got It” is my favourite song and is a happy, disco tune quite reminiscent of Daft Punk. This five track CD is rather good; it bodes well for the full album release coming very soon and tickles one’s curiosity to see what they can do with remixing a song for the rising Indie Quebecer Mara Tremblay’s new album out soon on Audiogram. Alors, c’est tres bien, ca. (Haute Couture)