Les Gammas Exercices de Styles

Coming out of the camps of Jazzanova and others on the Compost label, the music of Les Gammas aspires to the heights of future jazz. Their debut has the diversity of something out of the Rebirth of Cool compilation series. It's a sweet fusing of '70s soundtrack music, Yamaha synth-sambas, Style Council soul and Love Unlimited string arrangements. The elements are sublime, often melting into the air and pulsating close to the heart. The secret has as much to do with Les Gammas' production as it does for their songwriting talents. Tracks like "Afternoon At Rossi's" and "Love To Be" ooze with melody against a backdrop of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. This rare combination reaches for higher heights throughout the disc, but especially whenever the unidentified male crooner of the group steps up to the mic. His lovesick falsetto constantly threatens to fall off-key, but by his own grace never crosses such thresholds. The tracks "Don't Waste My Love" and "See The Sun" shine above all with his golden glow. (Compost)